Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blankie Business

Ava coined the phrase Blankie Business last December when we'd had a very long day and it was going into the evening and we were still running holiday errands and she was in the car without her blankies outside of the Homeland grocery store. She said so despondently, "I need some blankie business," lol, I thought that was so cute. This picture was taken over our spring break.
And here's the page I made with it. This was made with last month's JBS Mercantile kits. I had to get creative on the left side of the pic since her brother was over there watching cartoons not completely clothed. I wanted this page to have a strong focus on the photo so I went with 5x7. I kept the background light and scattered pops of color. I love the neon pink paint drops.

I used the stamp from the mini album kit and embossed it with white Zing on the red polaroid frame. I played around with the exclusive stamp. You can see where I embossed the dark pink and then went back with watercolors to blend the colors. And those gold pleated circle sequins -- love love. I sewed french knots in the center to hold them down. 


  1. This so sweet!
    Kids say the cutest things.
    Love the new blog header :)